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Is Recovery from Oral Surgery Different if You Have IV Sedation During Surgery?

Posted on 11/15/2018 by Dr. Michael Allard
Is Recovery from Oral Surgery Different if You Have IV Sedation During Surgery?If you've had oral surgery, you will have been given some form of sedation. Some procedures only require a mild type of sedation such as nitrous oxide. Other surgeries, however, may require IV sedation.

This type of sedation puts you into what's referred to as twilight sleep. It means you're still conscious and can move your body, but you're also incredibly relaxed and do not feel pain. Recovering from IV sedation isn't quite the same as recovering from more mild options.

You Will Need Someone to Care for You

Once the surgery is over with, you're still going to feel the effects of IV sedation for several hours or more afterwards. In fact, we generally suggest that you wait to drive or do any other major activities for 24 hours or more.

You may find it difficult to do much of anything due to a combination of coming off the sedation, any discomfort remaining from the procedure, and the effects of any medication we give you. You should plan to have someone drive you home and for someone to stay with you for a day or two.

With other types of sedation, you may actually be able to drive yourself home and carry on like nothing has changed. While you will likely want to take a few days off work to heal and recover, you will be able to care for yourself.

Other than feeling out of it for a day, you shouldn't have any other symptoms from IV sedation. If you do, you should contact us or have someone else call and talk to us about what to do if you're still groggy. It's not normal to still feel like that several days after the procedure, so it means you're likely having some sort of reaction to the sedative.
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