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Why TMJ Pain Often Gets Worse with Stress

Posted on 1/20/2019 by Dr. Michael Allard
Why TMJ Pain Often Gets Worse with StressIn today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get stressed out. Stress can affect your body in a number of ways, and very few of them are positive.

If you're stressed out, you may find that you start to develop more canker sores, experience dry mouth, and may even develop temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. If you already know you are dealing with a TMJ problem, you may find that the pain gets worse when you're stressed. Why does this happen, and what can you do about it?

You Clench Your Jaw when Stressed

Have you ever been under a good amount of stress and realized that the muscles in your jaw are clenched incredibly tight? Many people do this when they're stressed. This puts pressure on the joints of the jaw and can cause pain or can cause your jaw to make clicking or popping noises. You may also even find it difficult to open and close your mouth.

You Grind Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth at night can also put stress on your jaw. In addition to causing additional pain as you grind your teeth every night, this also wears down your teeth. It can damage the enamel, making it easier for bacteria to get into the tooth and cause an infection. You may even find that you don't sleep as well because of all this tooth grinding.

What Can You Do?
It is easy to say that you simply need to relax or deal with the cause of all your stress, but we all know it's not that easy. What you can do is come and talk to us about TMJ disorders. We may be able to help you with the pain and prevent more damage to your teeth while you work on handling your stress.
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