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Preserve Your Appearance After Tooth Loss
Glendale, AZ

Once a tooth is no longer viable or considered a candidate for a dental crown, extraction is necessary. When this happens, the effects of shrinkage to your supporting bone are immediate, and will get worse over the years. If Dr. Allard determines that extraction is necessary, he can reduce the effects of damage to your bone with a technique called a Ridge Preservation. This simple technique is performed in our office at Arrowhead Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, with low pain, and low healing time, but can provide you a significant impact over the years.

What is a ridge preservation?

Ridge Preservation is a technique in which our Oral Surgeon, Dr. Allard, applies a bone graft in the socket of an extracted tooth. This will minimize the bone shrinkage and prevent the need for a major bone grafting later. This will hopefully reduce the collapse of the socket, and allow the patient to seek the placement of a dental implant or other dental device at a future date.

When a tooth is extracted, the soft tissue and bone can begin to atrophy or collapse. Without a tooth root to stimulate the bone, the surrounding jaw bone will often begin to deteriorate. Ridge Preservation can significantly slow the effects of this damage.

Ridge Preservation bone graft is recommended for the following benefits:
•  To significantly help preserve bone tissue after the loss of a tooth.
•  To prevent the collapse of the soft tissue in the sockets and the supporting bone.
•  This procedure is minimally invasive and causes minimal discomfort.
•  To place a hold on the site allowing for future placement of a tooth implant or other replacement device, reducing the need for larger bone grafting.
•  To help a patient maintain a more aesthetic look to the ridge, helping your facial shape not have a sunken look.

What is the ridge preservation procedure?

Ridge preservation begins with the removal or extraction of the natural tooth structure. Your Oral Surgeon, Dr. Allard, will cautiously remove the tooth so as to not disturb the existing bone in the socket. Following extraction, Dr. Allard will place a specialized bone grafting product. There are a few options for this grafting product, Dr. Allard is able to discuss with you the variables and why he chose a particular one. This product can be an autogenous graft, allograft, or alloplast or xenograft material. This grafting material is designed to replace your bone and stimulate bone growth in the socket. With the material placed, the material is stabilized with sutures and possibly a collagen membrane. The healing time, meaning the time for grafting to take effect, is approximately three to five months before Dr. Allard is able to place a dental implant.

What are the benefits of ridge preservation?

Ridge preservation can significantly minimize the amount of bone loss that occurs after the removal of one or more teeth. Leaving the socket empty after an extraction is likely to lead to deteriorating bone in the jaw, making it more difficult to place a tooth implant later. This procedure is designed to prevent the collapsing of bone and soft tissue in the sockets.

Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is patient derived living biomaterial, which when prepared and combined properly, is a key component of tissue healing and regeneration. PRF may be used where protection and stimulation of healing and regeneration is critical. PRF has been shown to stimulate bone/tissue healing.

PRF has been researched extensively and shown to be helpful in alveolar ridge preservation (socket augmentation) with extraction sites.

Platelet gel acts as a stabilized blood clot and thus is a perfect filling material for natural ,issue regeneration and healing.

PRF has also been shown to assist in healing with medically compromised patients - (ie - diabetics, patients receiving bisphosphonate medications-presenting a risk of osteonecrosis of the jaws, or patients receiving anticoagulants).

The benefits derived from using PRF have been proven. Its use promotes wound healing and tissue regeneration. Its anti-bacterial and anti-hemorrhagic effects, coupled with its low risk and low cost favor its use, thusly allowing it to maximiaze post-operative healing.

For more information on preserving the socket and ridge following the extraction of a tooth, contact Michael Allard, DDS, MD, at our Glendale, AZ 85308 office. (623) 738-2564

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Ridge Preservation | Arrowhead Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Ridge Preservation is a technique in which and oral surgeon applies a bone graft in the socket of an extracted tooth. Learn more here.
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